First Workshop on
Model Driven Interoperability



In conjunction with MoDELS 2010, Oslo, Norway. Tuesday 5 October 2010.



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Workshop schedule

The workshop is divided into four sessions, each of 90 minutes. The proposed contents of each session are as follows.



Introduction and welcome. Presentation by Jean Bezivin (slides).

Youness Lemrabet, David Clin, Michel Bigand, Jean-Pierre Bourey and Nordine Benkeltoum. "Model Driven Interoperability in practice: preliminary evidences and issues from an industrial project" (slides)

Idoia Berges, Jesús Bermudez, Alfredo Gońi and Arantza Illarramendi. "Semantic Interoperability of Clinical Data  Exchange" (slides)
Wikan Danar Sunindyo, Thomas Moser, Dietmar Winkler and Stefan Biffl. "A Process Model Discovery Approach for Enabling Model Interoperability in Signal Engineering" (slides)


Coffee break


Frank Hermann , Hartmut Ehrig, Ulrike Golas and Fernando Orejas. "Efficient Analysis and Execution of Correct and Complete Model Transformations Based on Triple Graph Grammars" (slides)
Manuel Wimmer , Gerti Kappel , Angelika Kusel, Werner Retschitzegger, Johannes Schoenboeck and Wieland Schwinger. "Towards an Expressivity Benchmark for Mappings based on a Systematic Classification of Heterogeneities" (slides)
Zinovy Diskin , Yingfei Xiong and Krzysztof Czarnecki. "Specifying Overlaps of Heterogeneous Models for Global Consistency Checking" (slides)
Mirko Seifert, Christian Wende and Uwe Assmann. "Anticipating Unanticipated Tool Interoperability using Role Models" (slides)
Alek Radjenovic and Richard Paige. "Behavioural Interoperability to Support Model-Driven Systems Integration" (slides)




Brian Elvesćter , Dima Panfilenko , Sven Jacobi and Christian Hahn. "Aligning Business and IT Models in Service-Oriented Architectures using BPMN and SoaML" (slides)
Lucia Kapova, Thomas Goldschmidt , Jens Happe and Ralf Reussner. "Domain-specific Templates for Refinement Transformations" (slides)
Jorn Bettin and Tony Clark. "Advanced Modelling Made Simple with the Gmodel Metalanguage" (slides)
Yongxin Liao, Dumitru Roman and Arne.J. Berre. "Model-driven Rule-based Mediation in XML Data Exchange" (slides)


Coffee break


Discussion session (60') [summary of issues]
Identification of further open issues, research challenges and opportunities. Roadmap (25')

Conclusions and farewell (5')


Recommendations to presenters

Participants are strongly encouraged to read the Workshop papers in advance in order to know other people's proposals, and therefore have fruitful discussions during the workshop.

Each paper has been allocated a 18 minutes slot: 15' for presentation, and 3' for questions. When preparing your presentation please  bear in mind that you only have up to 15 minutes for presenting your paper  (which roughly means 12-15 slides). Session chairs will be very strict with the duration of the presentations. We suggest you avoid unnecessary details and focus on the core of your contribution. Please try to raise as well the topics and open issues related to Model-driven Interoperability that you find relevant to the workshop.

There will be a PC and a data projector at the workshop for you to present your paper. You could either take your personal computer with you and connect it to the projector, or produce a PowerPoint or PDF version of your presentation to be displayed from the PC at the workshop.



MDI 2010 papers have been published in the ACM Digital Library, with ISBN: 78-1-4503-0292-0. A volume with all these papers has been prepared for distribution at the workshop.